Sayville High School Class of 1984


Missing Classmates

The Following students have not yet contacted the reunion committee about attending the Reunion. If you know any of these people Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with their information. If this information is for yourself please use the EDIT PROFILE page to provide the information

Frederick Lowenhaupt
Kristian Aandahl
Denise Anderson
David Barrett
Jenifer Boogertman
Denise Brauer
KiKi Butler
Wendyann Carman
Denise Colasuonno
Rob Commadore
Anthony Conetta
Chris Cowley
Peter Cowley
Kimbery DeVries
William Dexter
Robert Ferremi
John Foudy
Margaret Freeman
Hans Freriks
Geoffrey Gannon
Ronnie Garelli
Tracey Granata
Sharon Green
Kimberly Griffin
Robin Gross
Christine Hair
Laurie Hammer
Sean Heffernan
Matt Horwitz
Keith Howard
Kelly Hughes
Cindy Hurton
David Ingram
Fred Jaeger
Georgia Kalomiris
Lawrence Kane
DeAnna Keating
Robert Kellar
Patrick Kidd
Donna Kiesel
Caren Kropp
Donna Lagan
Marianne Lapine
Denise Lenz
Adam Lowenberg
Susan MacMillan
William McCauley
Holly McCullagh
Kathleen McGlynn
Kathleen McKinney
Linda McNeice
Paul Messina
David Minasian
Diane Mohr
Patricia Murphy
Laura Mussler
Nancy Noden
Denise O'Brien
William O'Connor
Steve O'Keefe
Minerva Ortiz
Denise Otterbeck
Richard Otto
Rosann Pagano
Dina Palermo
Colleen Peeling
Lenny Piner
Robert Pisani
Peter Pollak
William Priemer
Marie Puma
Gerald Quinn
John Ramirez
Kim Ratner
Jeffrey Reed
Robert Reidy
Paul Reilly
Eileen Rispone
Joseph Rosario
Thomas Roxburgh
Kathleen Ryan
Denise Sacks
Janet Schandel
Valerie Schmeiser
Tracy Seegott
Debra Seegel
Tony Seminara
Matthew Senese
Stephen Smith
Ellen Spruce
Dawn Stalter
Brian Van Emmerik
Christina Van Essendelft
Duane Van Essendelft
George VanPopering
William Voelker
Sandra Waldman
Michael Walters
Paul Weeks
Diane Yeager
Donna Zauner
Marie Zollo

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Breaking News From

Update your profile with the new arrivals-that move-or just your smiling face! Please keep checking out the missing list and see if there is anyone that you might be able to locate for us for our 25th! OCTOBER 9th 2009 Meadow's Edge-West Sayville Golf Course
7pm to 12 pm
$90.00 PP
Open bar and Buffet
DJ'ing by Eliot with Pictures and Plasma display all night
Mail Checks to:
PO Box 191
Bayport, NY 11705

A Post-reunion gathering has been arranged for Saturday night, October 10th, at "Once and For All", 8 East Main Street, Patchogue, NY, starting @ 8:00pm. Come to "Once and For All" for the great menu, great food, and great atmosphere!! Drink Specials for Sayville Class of 1984. Live music by "Uncalled Four": Marty Marshall (1984), Brian Bergen (1985), Lee Coulman, and George Tyson (1982). Hope to see you there!!
Many classmates are on so check out here or there for updates.
Have you been Lurking around thinking you should signup? Well, everyone else has been wondering were you have been! Signup so that others may find you since you know where they are!